Photographer Marjolein Martinot is a Dutch national, based in Paris, France. Because she is living with 3 cultures - Dutch by birth, American by marriage, and French by geographic location - her pictures are mostly taken in the Netherlands, the U.S. and France, allowing for varied backdrops, settings and atmospheres.

Marjolein’s photography focuses primarily on the people and things around her. She prefers to work with various analogue cameras and works on personal projects and commissions.

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2020 Vanessa Winship & George Georgiou - LaBabuch, Indre (FR)
2016 Christian Caujolle - Atelier Smedsby, Paris (FR)
2014-2015 Atelier Smedsby (JH Engström & Margot Wallard), Paris (FR)


2020 Julia Margaret Cameron Award - Honorable Mention, Category: Children 


2020 - 'Of Fall and Fireflies' - Foto Femme United, online magazine/platform
2020 - single photo - Analog Forever Magazine, online group exhibition “Eye of the Beholder"

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