La Classe de Josephine

“La Classe de Josephine” is a photo project, which I worked on during the intense Covid lockdown period in France. It took about 5 months to complete. The idea came to me to create a visual record of my daughter’s then 5th grade class, in the form of a portrait- project of this sensitive and intriguing age (on the cusp of adolescence). To give a ‘visage’ so to speak, to this transitional and intense year, the year before starting middle school. The children barely saw one another during this year - knew each others’ faces - since everyone was wearing masks. Even the annual school photo featured everyone with masks on. I visited and photographed each child at their home, in order to try creating an environment that was as relaxed as possible to work in. I photographed the children outside, whenever it was possible, and they took off their masks at the last minute (I kept mine on at all times). The ultimate focus is on the children - their personality and sense of self, with perhaps a glimpse of the future young adults that they’re on the verge of becoming. 

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